Linen Business cards

When you think of the linen business card, what other words comes in your mind? Definitive?  Stylish?  Polished?  Many times we only think of linen it comes that it used as a best material for clothing, but it can not stop till there, we can use it to enhance the texture or look of a finish of a business card.

On business cards it is both a texture and a finish, and it looks and feels absolutely fantastic!

  • 4-color process printing (CMYK), single or double sided.
  • Soft touch dull lamination applied to both sides of the card
  • Quick turnaround times.
2 x 3.5100$ 25.00
250$ 28.00
500$ 30.00
3.5 x 2100$ 25.00
250$ 28.00
500$ 30.00
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